Month: November 2014

Is A Straighter Smile Good For Your Health?: A True-or-False Quiz

You may be considering orthodontic treatment to improve the alignment of your smile so you feel confident about your appearance. But have you ever considered how improving your smile may actually affect your health? Look over the following quiz to discover just how much you know about the benefits of orthodontics.     The Quiz… Read more »

Taking Care of Oral-Systemic Health with Fast Fitness

Tooth decay and gum disease are often linked to your overall health in what is known as the oral-systemic condition. Fort Worth dentist Dr. Ciro Cabal, always encourages patients to eat a healthy diet and exercise in addition to taking care of your oral health. If germs really are able to enter our bodies through our mouths,… Read more »

Smoking’s Effect on Braces

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The most common cause of lung cancer is smoking or long-term exposure to secondhand smoke. Smoking also harms dental health in addition to the outcomes of orthodontic treatments. In today’s blog your Fort Worth orthodontist Dr. Cabal discusses the damaging consequences of smoking on one’s dental health while wearing… Read more »

Quiz: Do You Have TMJ Disorder?

Have you ever experienced unexplained jaw pain or a jaw that pops or clicks? If so, these may be warning signs of TMJ disorder, or TMD. This serious dental health issue affects millions in the United States. At Lake Country Orthodontics, we can diagnose and offer treatment for patients suffering from jaw strain.