Straight Teeth Mean a Healthy Smile

Happy Family OutdoorsHave you been thinking about orthodontic treatment or do you have a child in need of orthodontics? The pursuit of achieving a straight smile which exudes confidence and cosmetic appeal can be daunting. While many people focus on the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, few are aware that beautiful, straight smiles are actually healthier smiles too. Lake Worth orthodontist, Dr. Cabal will explain how straighter teeth are easier to maintain.

Easier Oral Hygiene

Overcrowded or crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue, when teeth are too close together, they make oral hygiene a chore. Food particles, plaque, and bacteria have an easier time hiding behind crooked or overcrowded smiles than straight teeth. This can create vulnerability towards tooth decay and even gum disease without proper dental care. Straightened smiles are easier to maintain with brushing and flossing, improving your oral health and your image.

Issues from Misaligned Bites

Malocclusion (or a misaligned bite) is a common cause for many dental health issues. A bad bite can contribute to bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding. This occurs when back teeth do not match up correctly, causing them to clench and grind together, especially during sleep. Bruxism and malocclusion can also create issues with jaw pain, known as TMJ disorder.

Malocclusion Can Lead to TMJ Problems

Attempting to hold your teeth in the correct position, your jaw muscles can become exhausted and create problems for your oral health as well as your total wellbeing. Some symptoms of TMJ disorder include dizziness, headaches, morning earaches, shoulder pain, and neck pain to name a few. A correctly aligned bite will relieve these symptoms since your jaw does not have to hold your teeth in the correct position.

Orthodontics in Lake Worth

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