Month: June 2014


You might wonder why dental terms are often so complicated. For instance, the term bruxism. What does it mean? Bruxism is the clenching and grinding of teeth. How do you get the word “brux” from that you might wonder? Why not call it what it is, clenching and grinding? Like so many of the words… Read more »

Adults And Braces

More adults are getting braces. The stigma attached to braces from years ago has decreased dramatically especially since research has indicated how important it is to maintain your oral health. According to studies 75 percent of adults have a misaligned bite. Your teeth and jaws are meant to be properly aligned so you can eat… Read more »

Does Your Child Have Malocclusion?

Did you know thumb sucking and mouth breathing can cause malocclusion?  A misaligned bite or “bad bite” affects your overall health such as your speech and breathing.  A bad bite is any irregular contact between the teeth of the upper jaw with the teeth of the lower jaw. Sometimes, in very extreme cases, it may… Read more »

Does Your Teen Need Braces?

When teenagers hear they need braces they often fight the idea. You might hear, “I’m not wearing those things for two years!” “They will call me metal mouth!” or other exclamatory sentences. When you were a teen there were no choices, but today’s teens have options. If your teen needs braces schedule a consultation with… Read more »