What is Phased Orthodontic Treatment?

Teens SmilingIf you are a parent of a child who needs braces, you may feel like there is an overwhelming amount of information for you to learn about. If you didn’t wear braces as a youth, the whole process may seem incredibly daunting. Lake Worth orthodontist, Dr. Ciro Cabal, is always here to explain new terminology, so if you aren’t familiar with a word or  phrase (such as  phased orthodontic treatment) just ask. The most important thing to remember is that compliance is key for optimal and fastest possible results. If you want your child to have an ideal outcome, arming your own self with knowledge will help you coach your child every step of the way towards a beautiful smile.

The Phases Orthodontics

Childhood development is a series of phases. In terms of orthodontics,  a phase  is a period of time in which we expect certain results. Most often, there are two phases involved in traditional orthodontic treatment.

Phase one: Mouth and teeth are prepared to accommodate 32 properly aligned adult teeth.

Phase two: Once adult teeth have fully erupted, braces on one or both arches are put into place. Other supplemental appliances  (such as  rubber bands and retainers) may be used at various times throughout treatment. The object of phase two is to move adult teeth into the ideal position for jaw alignment and aesthetics.

Utilizing a phased approach for orthodontic treatment allows Dr. Cabal to leverage natural development of the jawbone and teeth to reduce the time a child needs full braces. Phased orthodontics stops certain problems in an earlier stage of development, thereby avoiding the need for extractions or surgical corrections later on. Some orthodontists might say there is technically a phase three. Whatever you call it, make sure your child doesn’t forget to wear their retainer for the instructed amount of time. A retainer keeps teeth in their ideal position and is not just in case. Patients who don’t comply with retainer instructions often experience shifting and end up needing additional orthodontic treatment later in life.

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