What Can Invisalign Do for You?

woman with surprised smileWhen thinking of what braces can accomplish, the first thing most people think of is their ability to straighten teeth.  However, modern orthodontics, including Invisalign® clear braces, can do so much more.  Invisalign is a system of clear acrylic aligners that are custom-designed to fit over your teeth, instead of being bonded to them.  Dr. Ciro Cabal is a certified Invisalign provider, and our team uses innovative 3D imaging software to tailor the aligners to your mouth’s specific orthodontic needs.  An Invisalign laboratory will fashion your set of aligners to gradually straighten your teeth as each aligner is changed. Because the aligners are crafted from clear plastic, they’re virtually undetectable, and are a cosmetically-appealing option for adults who want to maintain their smile’s aesthetic integrity.

What Can Invisalign Correct?

Gaps Between Teeth

When there’s too large of a gap between two or more teeth, they may be at a higher risk for bacterial infection (i.e., tooth decay or gum disease in the surrounding tissues). Not to mention, the uneven spacing can lend your smile a less-than-attractive appearance.


An overbite occurs when the upper front teeth extend too far over the lower teeth.  This can cause gum problems or irritation, wear and tear on the lower teeth, and additional pressure on your jaw’s joints, which can lead to the jaw dysfunction, TMJ disorder.


An underbite refers to a condition where the lower teeth protrude in front of the upper teeth.  Since your upper teeth should naturally be positioned slightly in front of their lower counterparts, an underbite can inhibit your jaw’s normal function and contribute to a host of teeth and jaw problems.

Teeth Crowding

This occurs when there isn’t enough room on your dental ridge for all of your teeth, and they grow crooked trying to fight for space. If left untreated, crowded teeth can make it difficult to control plaque accumulation and the formation of tooth decay possible gum disease.


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