The Benefits of Cosmetic Braces Go Beyond Skin Deep

Beautiful Woman with Cosmetic BracesAs a general term, cosmetic braces refer to orthodontics systems that eschew the look of traditional metal braces. Designed with image conscious older teens and professionals in mind, many cosmetic braces systems feature clear or tooth-colored appliances and require shorter overall treatment times. Two of the most common types of cosmetic braces are:

Tooth-Colored Brackets

Using tooth-colored ceramic brackets (as opposed to metal ones) to minimize the look of bracket-and-wire braces has been around since the 1980s. Ceramic bracket braces are more discreet than metal braces and are practically invisible in photos. Even better, because they use conventional orthodontics to move the teeth, ceramic braces can address complex bite and alignment problems.


Arguably the most well-known brand of cosmetic orthodontics, Invisalign consists of clear, smooth plastic trays that fit snugly over the teeth to move them into alignment. Invisalign may not have the treatment range of ceramic bracket braces (for instance, Invisalign may not work for patients with severe occlusal issues or jaw abnormalities), but nothing beats Invisalign for discreet, nearly invisible orthodontics.

Attractive Smiles . . . with Benefits

Concerns about the appearance of their smiles may prompt many patients to get braces. What they might not expect is improved oral health. As the teeth gradually move into their ideal position, patients can expect to enjoy:

  • Healthier teeth. Braces open up tight spaces between teeth that may have been difficult to floss or reach with a toothbrush.
  • Healthier gums. Better brushing and flossing gets rid of more plaque, meaning that your risk of gingivitis goes down.
  • Better bite. The way your top and bottom dental arches fit together may not seem very important, but that relationship (referred to clinically as occlusion) has a profound impact on the health of your mouth, teeth, jaw, and TMJs. Correcting bite problems, whether accomplished with metal braces of Invisalign trays, will improve the health, functions, and overall look of your smile.

About Dr. Cabal

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