3 Tips to Keep the “Cosmetic” in Your Cosmetic Braces

Teen with Cosmetic Braces BrushingOrthodontic therapy is no small undertaking and if you’re an image-conscious adult or teen, you may have opted for ceramic braces or Invisalign so you could enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth without the look of a metal mouth. However, without proper care, those inconspicuous cosmetic braces could start to look very conspicuous. Follow these steps to ensure that your braces stay discreet and your teeth stay healthy throughout your orthodontic treatment period.  

1. Brush Your Teeth After EVERY Meal

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth at least two times every day for two minutes per brushing. If you’ve invested the time and money into cosmetic braces, you may want to strive for better than the bare minimum. Food particles and yellowish plaque building up around ceramic brackets look unhealthy and unattractive. Using a soft bristled brush, clean your teeth after every meal, paying special attention to the areas around the brackets. If you wear Invisalign, you should always brush before putting your trays back on after meals.

2. Don’t Smoke or Chew

Tobacco smoke and tobacco stained saliva will cause ceramic brackets and tooth enamel to look yellowing or brownish, depending on how heavily you smoke or chew. In addition, smoking can increase your risk of gum disease, something you already have a heightened risk for during orthodontic treatment. Do yourself (and your smile) a favor and quit using tobacco products.

3. Eat Brightly Colored Foods with Caution

No, we don’t mean brightly – and naturally – colored fruits and vegetables. We mean foods and drinks, like bright cake and cookie frostings, candies, ice cream confections, and juice drinks, that have had artificial or natural-based food coloring added to them. Foods saturated with added coloring agents can leave conspicuous stains on the teeth, especially in the areas around ceramic brackets. If you indulge in a brightly colored treat, be sure to rinse your mouth immediately after eating and brush as soon as possible.

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