Month: March 2014

Easing the Ache: How to Alleviate TMJ Disorder Pain at Home

You’ve had enough of the sore jaw, sore neck, aching back, and frequent headaches. You’ve visited your orthodontist and he has diagnosed you with TMJ disorder. He’s developed a treatment plan that might include orthodontic therapy or an occlusal splint as well as a few lifestyle changes that can alleviate some of the pain associated… Read more »

Follow Your Invisalign Treatment Plan (or Deal with the Consequences)

For the right patient, invisible braces like Invisalign are a breath of fresh air compared to fixed metal or ceramic braces. Made from clear, smooth plastic, these aligners gently move the teeth into their proper place without irritating or pushing out the lips. Invisalign is almost completely unnoticeable, even from close distances and wearers appreciate… Read more »

Can You Whiten Your Teeth While Wearing Braces?

Perhaps the better question would be: Should you whiten your teeth while wearing braces? Using whitening strips, trays, or brush-on gels might seem like a quick fix for teeth that start to look dull and yellowish after several months in braces. This can actually do more harm than good because: Teeth whitening agents will not… Read more »

3 Tips to Keep the “Cosmetic” in Your Cosmetic Braces

Orthodontic therapy is no small undertaking and if you’re an image-conscious adult or teen, you may have opted for ceramic braces or Invisalign so you could enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth without the look of a metal mouth. However, without proper care, those inconspicuous cosmetic braces could start to look very conspicuous. Follow these… Read more »

The Benefits of Cosmetic Braces Go Beyond Skin Deep

As a general term, cosmetic braces refer to orthodontics systems that eschew the look of traditional metal braces. Designed with image conscious older teens and professionals in mind, many cosmetic braces systems feature clear or tooth-colored appliances and require shorter overall treatment times. Two of the most common types of cosmetic braces are: