Four Surprising Facts about Life with Braces

Two Women Sharing a SecretNo matter how much research you do or how extensive your orthodontist’s instructions are, life with braces is still full of surprises. Today, we’re discussing just a few surprises in store for you, whether you wear traditional fixed braces or Invisalign clear aligners.

1. Metal Braces Won’t Set Off Metal Detectors (Usually!)

This particularly persistent myth about braces has many explanations and lots of misinformation circulating about it. However, because metal braces are relatively small and made from lightweight metals like titanium or stainless steel, they will not set off most metal detectors at airports. That said, metal detectors can be adjusted to pick up even the smallest amount of metal so, if security is particularly tight when you travel, there’s a small chance you could set the alarms off.

2. The Amazing Disappearing, Reappearing Gap!

Many orthodontic patients report strange sightings in their smiles as they go through treatment: a gap will appear between two teeth, only to disappear a week or two later. Although they might be a little disconcerting, these gaps are a natural part of the orthodontics process. Gaps create space for your teeth to move into their proper position and, in some cases, widen the bite, a critical component to achieving proper alignment.

3. Soft Food Doesn’t Mean Bland Food

When you first have braces placed and at subsequent appointments to have your wires tightening (or when you change to a new aligners series if you’ve opted for Invisalign), you can expect to feel sore. Orthodontists recommend taking it easy on your teeth at these times by eating foods with a softer consistency. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat applesauce and oatmeal for a week straight. Flavorful soups, fruit-packed smoothies, and meatballs or meatloaves in thousands of different flavor combinations can keep mealtimes interesting and sensitive smiles happy.

4. Trumpet Players Beware

You might think the number of people who play instruments and wear braces is relatively small, but that segment of the U.S. population is large enough that scientists have conducted peer-reviewed research on the topic and you can even buy a number of specialized products that cater to trumpet-blowing brace-faces. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics showed that brass instrument players had the hardest time adjusting to playing while wearing braces.

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