Three Surprises in Store for Clear Braces Wearers

Clear braces have surprised this womanBy the time you receive your first series of aligner trays, you’ll probably feel like you know everything there is to know about Invisalign. You and your orthodontist will go over your treatment plan in detail, discussing everything from how to place and remove the trays, how long you should wear them every day, when to brush your teeth, and what habits to avoid. However, as prepared as you think you are, you can still expect this innovative clear braces system to have a few surprises.

1. Your Aligner Trays Won’t “Fit”

When the uninitiated think about putting in their aligners, they usually imagine something that feels like a customized whitening tray or mouthguard, i.e. an appliance that perfectly fits the dimensions of their teeth. Actually, putting in a new aligner can feel awkward at first because it doesn’t precisely fit your teeth. Rather, each new aligner represents the position your teeth will be in, not their current position. This can throw off many new clear braces patient but after a couple of days, you’ll adapt to the new aligner.

2. Attachments and Buttons

Invisalign aligners don’t do all the work on their own. In most (but not all) cases, your orthodontist will need to place attachments or buttons, tiny nubs of composite resin attached to the teeth in strategically located areas. Attachments help the aligners move teeth that need vertical movement or teeth that have an awkward shape in a more efficient manner. Buttons serve as catches for elastics (“rubber bands”) that are required in some cases. Both attachments and buttons are color-matched to closely resemble your natural enamel shade so they’ll blend in.

3. Clear Trays Won’t Stay Clear If . . .

Chances are you decided to opt for Invisalign because they’re clear, inconspicuous, and won’t give you the signature “metal mouth” of traditional orthodontics. However, if you don’t take proper care of your aligners and if you practice bad habits on a day-to-day basis, your aligners can start to look dull and discolored. Even worse, habits like sipping on coffee, tea, and soda throughout the day can cause your teeth to become stained and at a much higher risk for tooth decay. Clean your aligners according to your orthodontist’s instructions to keep them clean and clear. Only sip water throughout the day to ensure your teeth remain healthy and bright.

About Dr. Cabal

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