Plan & Pack School Lunches for Your Braces-Wearing Child

As the new school year begins, so too do the annual stresses of ensuring that your children have everything they need to succeed, and stay healthy in the process. If one or more of your children wear braces, then those preparations should include preemptive dental visits and an orthodontic checkup. Your Ft. Worth orthodontist also advises planning your children’s school lunches ahead of time, taking into account the special considerations that accompany eating with braces. To help make the start of the school year a little less hectic, Dr. Cabal offers this advice for planning and packing lunches for your braces-wearing children.

Nutrition for Your Child’s Smile

You probably already know that sugar is no friend to anyone’s smile, and if your child wears braces, common sweet snacks such as candy, cookies, and cakes can stay wedged between brackets, wires, and teeth. The longer sugar remains, the more it can fuel oral bacteria to produce tooth-decaying acid. Instead of sugar, make sure your children’s lunches consist of adequate tooth-strengthening nutrients and minerals, including calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D. Milk and sugar-free yogurt are excellent sources for these minerals, as are chicken, beef, and turkey (especially in lunchmeat form to make chewing easier).

Sensitivity After Tightening Appointments

At certain times during your children’s orthodontic treatment, they’re teeth may be sensitive, especially the day after a tightening appointment. You can help ensure your children eat lunch with relative ease by packing foods that are easy or unnecessary to chew, such as soup and pasta. Avoid seemingly-soft foods that actually require effort to chew, like sandwiches.

Learn More About Eating with Braces from Your Ft. Worth Orthodontist

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