Month: August 2013

Plan & Pack School Lunches for Your Braces-Wearing Child

As the new school year begins, so too do the annual stresses of ensuring that your children have everything they need to succeed, and stay healthy in the process. If one or more of your children wear braces, then those preparations should include preemptive dental visits and an orthodontic checkup. Your Ft. Worth orthodontist also… Read more »

The 3 Things You Need to Know About Invisalign Clear Braces

When adults need to straighten crooked teeth, discretion is usually paramount. Luckily, you have numerous options for adult braces other than the traditional metal variety, which, against the backdrop of your white teeth, are the antithesis of discretion. With their booming popularity, you’ve likely heard of Invisalign clear braces, and how they’ve revolutionized the approach… Read more »

A Breakdown of TMJ Disorder, with Your Ft. Worth Orthodontist

As an orthodontist in Ft. Worth, Dr. Cabal understands the importance of function when it comes to your mouth’s good health. In fact, orthodontics is a specialized field that focuses on your mouth’s occlusion to maintain and improve its function. When the components that operate your mouth aren’t healthy and perfectly aligned, your jaw’s joints… Read more »

Improve Your Smile Discretely with Clear Braces in Ft. Worth

In our last article, we explained why your teeth should be straight, and why ignoring crooked teeth can be a bad idea for your overall oral health. As an experienced orthodontist in Ft. Worth, Dr. Ciro Cabal offers a variety of orthodontic treatments to help you find the perfect balance in your smile. If confidence… Read more »