Occlusion and Headaches, with Your Ft. Worth Orthodontist

young woman with a headacheGood dental hygiene is a vital component of good oral health, but so is the manner in which your teeth move. A healthy human mouth can exert an impressive amount of pressure; its teeth and jaws are designed to evenly displace this pressure, while your jaw’s joints allow for smooth, efficient movement. When your mouth’s components are imbalanced, however, a host of issues can occur, including seemingly unrelated symptoms like chronic headaches. Ft. Worth orthodontist, Dr. Ciro Cabal, has extensive experience and knowledge concerning the intricacies of malocclusion, and today he explains the importance of occlusion and its relation to your overall oral health.

What is Occlusion?          

The specialty of orthodontics focuses largely on the proper alignment and function of your teeth, known as occlusion. Malocclusion, which describes a disturbance in this alignment, can hinder your mouth’s function and lead to a host of oral health issues. The bumps and ridges on your teeth’s chewing surfaces should fit comfortably with the surfaces of their opposites when your jaw is closed. Underbites, overbites, crossbites, and other issues of malocclusion can make your bite uncomfortable and strain your jaw’s joints and muscles, leading to muscle spasms, teeth-grinding (bruxism), and TMJ disorder.

The Ripple Effect of Misalignment

TMJ disorder describes an affliction of your jaw’s temporomandibular joints, or TMJs. When your jaw and facial muscles become fatigued from malocclusion, they can cause a misalignment of your TMJs. Because your jaw is innervated by a major cranial nerve (the trigeminal nerve) TMJ disorder can generate excruciating discomfort throughout your craniofacial structures, including chronic earaches and severe headaches. Treating the condition usually involves correcting malocclusion to bring your bite back into harmony.

Occlusion Correction, TMJ Treatment, and Headache Relief in Ft. Worth

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