Ft. Worth Orthodontist Asks: What Do You Know About TMJ Disorder?

finger pointing upwardLearning that a jaw disorder may be the cause of your chronic pain is a big step toward finding relief. However, learning how TMJ disorder can lead to such a diverse range of symptoms can help make the diagnosis more understandable, especially if your chronic discomfort is seemingly unrelated, such as severe headaches or neck pain/stiffness. Find out how much you know about TMJ disorder by taking our short quiz below, provided by your Ft. Worth orthodontist, Dr. Ciro Cabal.

TMJ Disorder Quiz

What does the “TMJ” in TMJ disorder stand for?

Answer: Sometimes referred to as TMD, TMJ disorder describes a condition that affects your jaw’s ability to move evenly and smoothly. Caused by a number of various factors, TMJ disorder derives its name from your jaw’s joints, called the temporomandibular joints, which control this movement and are often damaged from undue stress.

What are the symptoms of TMD?

Answer: Though the disorder originates with the components of your jaw, TMD can often manifest as chronic headaches, earaches, neck pain, and pain in your shoulders and back. The transferal of discomfort is thanks to your trigeminal nerve, which innervates your jaw and most of the rest of your craniofacial structures, as well.

How do you treat TMJ disorder?

Answer: Finding relief from TMJ discomfort depends first on finding its cause. One of the more common forces behind damaged jaw joints is malocclusion, or a crooked/misaligned bite. If your teeth and jaw are crooked, then undergoing personalized orthodontic treatment may help relieve your chronic discomfort, as well as help straighten your smile for improved beauty and function.

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