Month: May 2013

Do You Habitually Grind Your Teeth? Stop It

The problem with habits is that they’re typically difficult to break; even the ones that do us no good, and can actually cause harm. Smoking, for instance, is a notorious habit that many people wish they could quit, but find it extremely difficult to do so. Some habits, however, may seem utterly harmless, even if… Read more »

Ft. Worth Orthodontist Discusses the Power of Fluoride

If you’re careful about your dental health care, then you’re probably familiar with the popularity of fluoride for keeping your teeth strong and healthy. The mineral is found in most major toothpaste brands, in your tap water, and even at your dentist’s office in the form of fluoride treatments. To help you maintain an effective… Read more »

Ft. Worth Orthodontist Asks: What Do You Know About TMJ Disorder?

Learning that a jaw disorder may be the cause of your chronic pain is a big step toward finding relief. However, learning how TMJ disorder can lead to such a diverse range of symptoms can help make the diagnosis more understandable, especially if your chronic discomfort is seemingly unrelated, such as severe headaches or neck… Read more »

Enjoy Stronger Teeth with Tips From Your Ft. Worth Orthodontist

Did you know that your teeth are protected by the strongest substance your body produces? Known as enamel, the protective layer around your teeth is their first and foremost defense against the harmful processes that can destroy them. Nevertheless, your teeth and their enamel are constantly under attack, and without your attentive care, your smile… Read more »

TMJ Pain Explained by Fort Worth Orthodontist

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) can manifest in pain in the muscles and joints on the side of your face that help you open and close your mouth. These joints, often referred to as TMJs, act as hinges to help your mouth open and close. Every moment that you talk, yawn, or chew, your jaw joints… Read more »