More Advanced Orthodontics in Lake Worth

thumbs up smilesTraditional orthodontic treatment, which consists of metal wire connecting a series of metal brackets, is not exactly popular among image-conscious older teens and adults. Unfortunately, malocclusion (misaligned bite) does not limit itself to young children, and patients of all ages can exhibit the need for straighter teeth. Thanks to the overwhelming success of improved orthodontic technology and treatments, however, straighter smiles are more popular than ever. A greater variety of discrete appliances can provide better results with fewer dental visits and shorter treatment times. As a dedicated orthodontist in Lake Worth, Dr. Cabal is pleased to introduce some of the advancements that he employs to help create perfect smiles for our patients.

Enhanced Diagnostic Tools

Planning the movements of your teeth during orthodontic treatment is a practice in precision, and requires a full view of your entire mouth’s structure to determine optimal tooth placement and angles. While traditional X-rays provide a better view of your mouth than the naked eye, our Galileos ConeBeam CT machine provides a much more detailed and precise picture of your oral health than traditional dental X-rays. Since the Galileos machine is available in our office, you don’t need a hospital referral, and your overall treatment time is shortened.

Innovative, Discrete Materials and Devices

For you to benefit from advanced orthodontic diagnostics, you actually have to undergo the treatment recommended. Since a major reason behind the apprehension of traditional braces lies in their conspicuous metal design, it should come as no surprise that many orthodontic innovations involve making your treatment shorter and more discrete, as well as more convenient. For instance, temperature-sensitive nickel-titanium-alloy archwires can allow for continuous teeth movement over longer periods of time, and self-ligating brackets eschew the need for elastic ligatures and require fewer adjustments. For many patients, Dr. Cabal may even recommend Invisalign clear braces—a system that uses removable, clear acrylic aligners instead of a bracket-and-wire apparatus. The aligners are virtually undetectable, and can be removed so you don’t have to adjust your eating and dental hygiene habits.

Advanced Treatment with Your Lake Worth Orthodontists                                

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