Month: February 2013

Cavity Protection, Especially with Braces

If you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, then chances are that you care about maintaining the health of your smile. Straightening your teeth, however, is only one aspect of helping your mouth look and function its best. Brushing and flossing your teeth is essential to preventing dental issues like tooth decay, which begins with plaque accumulation. When… Read more »

Are Tooth Stains an Inevitable Result of Wearing Braces?

If you wear a ring on any of your fingers, you may notice a tan line in the shape of the ring whenever you remove it. If you move a piece of furniture that has stood in the same spot for some time, you may notice that the floor where it rested seems a different… Read more »

Are Straight Teeth a Cosmetic or Functional Issue?

Are you dissatisfied with your smile because of one or more crooked teeth? For many people, minor issues like non-straight teeth are not a concern that warrants special attention, perhaps believing that the imperfections add character to their smiles. Unfortunately, however, your oral health may not share the same nonchalance about misaligned teeth, which can… Read more »

Smiling Can Help Keep You Healthy

You may not be surprised to learn that smiling can make you more attractive. After all, would you want to approach someone whose facial expression is completely devoid of humor? You may be more surprised, however, to learn that smiling consistently can also have tangible benefits to your overall health and quality of life. Unfortunately,… Read more »