Moms—How Important are You to Your Child’s Oral Health?

Most parents would not be surprised to learn that their children are most impressionable in their early years. The first few years of a child’s life are a time of rapid development, and most of what they learn comes from home and family life. Therefore, teaching your child the tenets of proper oral hygiene during their early childhood can help them prepare for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Lake Worth orthodontist Dr. Ciro Cabal discusses how your instruction, and your influence, can impact your child’s dental health for years to come.

Teach Them the Basics of Oral Health Care

Repetition is a key to developing habits. Teach your child to brush every day, twice a day, and to floss at least once. Their teeth will be your responsibility until they are old enough to brush their teeth without swallowing the toothpaste, so diligently practice this routine every day to get them used to the ritual. Also, studies show that a majority of dental phobias begin in early childhood, as well. Show your child not to fear the dentist by bringing them in for regular dental checkups as often as recommended.

Lead by Example

A study conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation found that mothers with a greater maternal instinct and stronger grasp of oral health concepts had teens with significantly better oral health than their counterparts. The results of the study exemplified the role that examples play in a child’s learning experience.  As much as parents may sometimes wish it weren’t true, children learn a great deal more from what they see than from what they’re told. To ensure that your child understands the importance of proper dental care, practice the above-mentioned habits in your own daily life, as well.

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