Back to School: Time to Visit Your Lake Worth Orthodontist

School will be back in session soon for your child or your teen, and there is no better time than now to consider the benefits of orthodontic treatment at Lake Country Orthodontics. Your Lake Worth dentist, Dr. Ciro Cabal, has the expertise to create healthy smiles for your child or teenager, while also considering the special circumstances of patients in their age group.

Children’s Orthodontics

Children who suffer from a misaligned bite, or malocclusion, may face a lifetime of dental problems ranging from a higher risk of tooth decay to painful TMJ dysfunction as adults. Malocclusion in children may be a matter of genetics, but thumb sucking, pacifier sucking, and nail biting can also lead to the development or worsening of the condition.

In your complimentary consultation, Dr. Cabal will analyze your child’s jaw and the alignment of their teeth and determine the presence and the extent of any bite problems. He will develop a treatment plan that is suited specifically for your child, called phase I treatment or interceptive orthodontics. It may consist of jaw manipulation and/or the use of fixed or removable appliances. Interceptive orthodontic treatment is especially effective because a child’s jawbone is still developing and repairing bite issues early on will reduce the level of intervention required once they have all of their adult teeth.

Teen Orthodontics

Dr. Cabal is sensitive to the needs of teenagers and understands the embarrassment that might come with wearing metal braces. That is why he offers tooth-colored brackets and the Invisalign orthodontic system to his patients who have reached the next phase of orthodontic treatment. Traditional braces consist of a wire that is held by metal brackets. However, if you replace the metal with ceramic, the brackets blend into the teeth and are hardly perceptible.

If your teen needs braces for cosmetic purposes only, they may be pleased to know that there is a nearly invisible solution. Invisalign is an orthodontic system that consists of clear, removable trays that are changed out every few weeks until the teeth are in alignment. You can take them out to brush your teeth or to eat, and they are so clear that few people will be able to notice their presence. If you are concerned about your forgetful teen losing one of the trays, you may be glad to hear that Invisalign Teen offers 6 replacement trays for free.

We look forward to meeting you and your children at our Lake Worth dental office. To schedule your consultation for a straighter smile, call Lake Country Orthodontics at 817-236-7846 today. We proudly offer services for patients from Lake Worth, Lake Country, Lakeland, Highlands, and Saginaw.