How Our Lake Worth Orthodontist TreatsTMJ Disorder

What is TMJ disorder?

TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint. This is the jaw hinge joint that allows you to eat, speak and open your mouth. Your TMJ holds your teeth in the correct position relative to your facial structure, tooth alignment, and occlusion. Therefore, when your teeth are misaligned, your jaw hinge joint works extra hard to hold your teeth in the correct position. The result is an exhausted jaw muscle that creates many more problems for your oral health. This condition is known as TMJ disorder, TMD, or TMJ dysfunction.

What are some TMJ disorder symptoms?

TMJ disorder covers a breadth of health issues since your jaw hinge joint is connected to different systems in your body. As a result, signs of TMJ disorder can range from oral health problems to whole body aches. Dental health symptoms include, teeth grinding, increases in tooth decay, sensitive teeth, and worn down teeth. Overall health symptoms include neck and shoulder pain, headaches, morning earaches, difficulty opening your mouth, and dizziness.

How can orthodontics treat TMJ disorder issues?

Since your bite alignment and occlusion can play a factor in TMJ issues, orthodontic treatment is often your best option for preventing TMJ disorder. Dr. Cabal will diagnose your condition to determine which symptoms of TMJ disorder are caused by your smile shape. Using the innovative technology of the Galileos Cone Beam CT Scan, Dr. Cabal can have detailed insight into your TMJ diagnosis while emitting less radiation than traditional CT Scans. From here, our Lake Worth orthodontist can create an effective treatment plan for addressing your occlusion and alleviating symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Lake Worth Orthodontist

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