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Nervous About Your Orthodontic Visit?

Is your child or teen feeling anxious about their first visit to the orthodontist? Maybe your own worry and anxiety is keeping you from correcting your own alignment concerns? If you or your loved ones are experiencing nervousness about your visit, you are not alone. Many people get anxiety thinking about going to the orthodontist…. Read more »

Tech Advancements To Help Your Smile

Improvements to orthodontic technology have been made to make orthodontic treatment over time. By investing in modern materials, tools, and techniques, your treatment can be made more comfortable and effective. For example, nickel-titanium-alloy arch wires instead of steel wires can reduce maintenance. The use of imaging technology can provide precision impressions of your teeth and jaw… Read more »

Important Reasons To Straighten Teeth

Crooked, misaligned teeth can make a mark on someone’s appearance. A wonky smile can make you feel insecure about showing off your grin to the world. Your confidence is important, but straighter teeth also provide several health benefits over crooked teeth. Straighter teeth are less susceptible to breakage or tooth decay. Crooked teeth can increase… Read more »

Reasons Straight Teeth Are Worth It

Orthodontic treatment is mostly associated with teenagers. While it is an appropriate treatment for adolescents, it can also be beneficial for adults. Although, some adults may find themselves asking if it is worth it. If you are someone that has gone through most of their adulthood with crooked teeth, you may ask yourself if it… Read more »

Frequently Asked Orthodontic Questions

Orthodontic treatment can help you feel more confident about your smile, but it can also be a daunting decision to make. Any decision that can result in a large investment of time and money can seem overwhelming. An orthodontic decision may come with anxiety over the treatment itself. The best way to combat overwhelming decision… Read more »

Why Choose Tooth-Colored Brackets?

One of the biggest reason that people steer clear of orthodontic treatment is the potential change in their appearance. While Invisalign can be an excellent option for those with mild to moderate orthodontic needs, not everyone qualifies for Invisalign treatment. For those that need more advanced orthodontic treatment, there is an option that will make… Read more »

Orthodontics For Children Of All Ages

Instilling good brushing and flossing habits for your children is vital for their long term oral health. Along with brushing and flossing, it’s also important to make visits with their dentist a regular part of caring for their teeth. Your dentist offers a warm environment as well as specialized orthodontics for children of all ages…. Read more »

3 Improvements Gained From Straightening Your Teeth

Thanks to modern orthodontic technology and treatment methods, you may be pleasantly surprised by your experience with orthodontic treatment. You can have your adjustments made with Invisalign, which will make it highly unlikely people will even notice you are wearing an appliance. You can also choose tooth-colored brackets, which offer less conspicuous treatment, but still… Read more »

Quiz: Your Experience With Orthodontic Care

It can be hard to anticipate what your experience with orthodontic care will be like. After all, your treatment is dependent on your particular needs, which your orthodontist can ascertain during your initial appointment. That being said, you can count on several benefits from having your misaligned smile corrected. Your ability to defend against tooth… Read more »

Orthodontic Care For Your Teen

Many teens will undergo orthodontic treatment of some kind. However, while this experience may be a common one, it can still cause some anxieties. Many teens will be particularly worried about how they look during treatment. What you should know is that orthodontic care offers important benefits – sure, a straightened smile has cosmetic advantages,… Read more »