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Problems Caused By Grinding Your Teeth

Most people who grind their teeth do so during their sleep. If you are sleeping when you grind your teeth, how do you know if you are doing it? You may notice that you often wake up with headaches and/or a sore jaw and teeth. Maybe throughout the day that you find yourself clenching your… Read more »

Does Sparkling Water Affect My Smile?

Sparkling water, especially flavored sparkling water, is very popular right now. The drink has become a choice for those that want to get the bubbles of soda without the additional sugar. However, it has come into question of whether or not carbonation can weaken your teeth. There have been worries that any carbonation, including sparkling… Read more »

Improved Health With Straighter Teeth

When looking in the mirror, it can seem like a crooked smile only affects your appearance or that it can make you feel insecure about showing off your smile. While confidence in your appearance is important, crooked teeth can also cause harm to your health. Straightening your teeth can make them easier to clean, which can… Read more »

Keeping Healthy Smiles Over The Holidays

When the holiday season gets into full swing, it can be difficult to keep routines on track. Maybe you indulge in a few more treats or perhaps you skip a few things you normally would not skip. For the health of your smile and the health of your family’s smiles, it is important to remember… Read more »

Smile Problems Caused By Misaligned Teeth

Did you know that misaligned teeth can create problems for your smile that go beyond just your appearance? Misaligned, crooked teeth can increase your risk of developing problems like bad breath, chronic headaches, tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder, and surface damage to your teeth. Straightening your misaligned teeth can help improve your appearance and… Read more »

Straighter Teeth Can Lead To Better Health

It can seem that crooked smile can only affect your appearance. That misaligned teeth can make you feel insecure about showing off your smile. While your confidence is important, crooked teeth can also cause harm to your health. Straightening your teeth can make them less susceptible to breakage or tooth decay. Straighter teeth can be easier… Read more »

The Benefits Of Smiling

Smiling and laughing can have a positive effect on your appearance and your outlook. But did you know that smiling be good for your health? When we are children, we find ourselves smiling and laughing all the time. We smile on the playground and sometimes for no reason at all. As we become adults, we… Read more »

Misaligned Teeth Can Carry Higher Oral Health Risks

Having teeth that are poorly aligned can make you self-conscious, and less likely to show off your smile. While this can be frustrating in and of itself, you should also know that crooked teeth also carry oral health concerns. The improper positioning of your teeth can raise your likelihood of developing cavities, and make you… Read more »

Quiz: Orthodontics And Your Oral Health

You probably need little in the way of an explanation on how orthodontics will affect your appearance. By straightening your teeth, you can enjoy a drastically new look. This may be enough to motivate many people to have their teeth adjusted, but more than your appearance can be improved. When you straighten your teeth, you… Read more »

Can Straightening Your Teeth Help Your Oral Health?

Because orthodontic work can have such a drastic effect on your appearance, it can be easy to think of it as being primarily about how you look. The reality is that there are real oral health benefits to correcting crooked teeth, too. Because misalignments can make it harder to clean the entire surface of certain teeth,… Read more »