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Crooked Teeth Affect More Than Appearance

When you have teeth that are crooked, it can make you feel embarrassed about your smile. You may have considered orthodontic treatment as a way to boost your confidence, but there are more health-centric reasons to straighten your smile. Straighter teeth have a lower risk of developing problems like tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, chronic headaches,… Read more »

5 Problems Caused By Crooked Teeth

Many people believe that orthodontic treatment is solely for correcting the cosmetic appearance of your smile, but those many people would be wrong. Crooked, misaligned teeth cause more problems than just causing you to be insecure about the look of your smile. Correcting misaligned, crooked teeth can lower your risk of developing problems like chronic… Read more »

What Is Malocclusion? How Is It Treated?

Occlusion is defined as the position of the teeth when the jaw is closed. ‘Mal’ is a prefix that means ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’ Malocclusion is a bad positioning of the teeth when the jaw is closed. A bad bite caused by malocclusion can lead to crooked, crowded, protruding teeth, gum problems, temporomandibular joint disorder (commonly known… Read more »

Chronic Headaches Caused By Malocclusion?

Malocclusion is the improper alignment of the upper and lower ridges of teeth. It can be a contributing cause for chronic headaches. Headaches can be caused by a wide swath of reasons, such as, dehydration, stress, vision problems, just to name a few. If your chronic headache is accompanied by facial pain or pain in… Read more »

How Crooked Teeth Relate to Chronic Headaches

There are several ways in which crooked teeth can affect your life. From the way your smile appears to the way your bite functions, tooth misalignment can have long-lasting consequences for your oral health.  In some cases, crooked teeth might even lead to chronic discomfort by causing or exacerbating other dental health issues. For instance,… Read more »

Three Common Types of Malocclusion

Did you know there are different types of crooked teeth? Occlusion refers to the manner in which your upper and lower teeth fit in relation to each other. A healthy mouth with proper occlusion contains teeth that meet their opposites when your mouth is closed for optimal function and balance. Malocclusion refers to a disturbance… Read more »

About Crooked Teeth

You might not even realize that your teeth are crooked until your dentist recommends orthodontic treatment. Or, your malocclusion may be significant enough that the need for braces is obvious. Either way, tooth misalignment is about more than appearance; whether slight or severe, crooked teeth have the potential to seriously affect the rest of your… Read more »

Straighten Your Teeth With Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the study and treatment of complications regarding your teeth’s alignment or occlusion. If your teeth are not straight, this can alter the appearance of your teeth, along with affecting their proper function. Severe cases of crooked teeth, clinically known as malocclusion, generally may require orthodontic braces, which consists of brackets and wires that… Read more »

Decoding Orthodontic “Dental Speak”

You might mention “crooked teeth” to a friend, or know someone who “grinds their teeth” and wakes up with an “aching jaw.” Dentists and orthodontists (who have additional study, practice and training in the alignment of teeth) have a sometimes-sophisticated vocabulary that allows them to accurately discuss their specialty. If you are ever unsure of… Read more »

Malocclusion Variations

At some point in your life, you may notice that your teeth do not completely line up properly, and you may be wondering if you need to seek treatment. Malocclusion is commonly diagnosed in children and young adults, and often requires some form of orthodontic treatment for correction. There are several different classifications for the… Read more »