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Do You Know What Modern Orthodontic Treatment Can Offer You?

Many people think of orthodontic treatment as just another step on the long pathway from adolescence to adulthood. While it is true that many patients who have their teeth straightened are kids and teens, many adults also come in to enjoy corrective work. If you have left an orthodontic issue unaddressed into adulthood – or… Read more »

Worried About Orthodontic Care? What You Should Know

Is concern about orthodontic treatment holding you back from correcting your alignment issues? If you are hesitant about having braces (or if you are trying to coax a stubborn child into orthodontic care), having more information can be helpful. One thing you should know is that modern technology can make orthodontic work less involved, and… Read more »

Beginning Your Orthodontic Treatment

Starting the process of adjusting your teeth may seem daunting. After all, this is a process that can demand time, and it puts you in an unfamiliar situation. This, of course, is in addition to the concerns you may have about how your smile will look while you undergo orthodontic treatment. What you should know… Read more »

Quiz: Orthodontics For Teens And Adults

If you are bringing your teen in for orthodontic treatment, or preparing to go in for help yourself, you may be surprised by what has changed in this field. Thanks to improvements in technology, the orthodontic experience can offer new techniques for studying a patient’s condition, and different methods for treatment than you anticipate. One… Read more »

A More Comfortable Way To Examine Your Teeth

Using plaster to create an impression of a patient’s teeth could be messy, and the act of biting down into the mold could be an unpleasant experience. Thanks to upgrades in orthodontic technology, your orthodontist can create impressively accurate images of your teeth and jaw. Rather than count on gooey material to make a 3D… Read more »

Improvements To Orthodontic Technology Can Benefit You

The classic image of intrusive, stainless steel braces may be fresh in some people’s minds, but you should know that there have been real improvements to orthodontic technology. By using modern materials and tools, your orthodontist can offer a treatment experience that exceeds your expectations. Some changes might escape your notice. For instance, instead of… Read more »

Orthodontic Upgrades That Benefit You

Advances in orthodontic technology can have a direct impact on how your teeth are straightened. There have been advancements that can make dental corrections less conspicuous. Upgrades have also improved how your orthodontist studies your teeth, to prepare for your adjustment. You may be returning for more help after your teeth shifted later in life…. Read more »

What You Might Not Know About Orthodontic Technology

When you think about orthodontics, you might picture a set of conspicuous, bracket-and-wire braces. For some adults who need treatment for crooked teeth, this conception might make them hesitant to make important dental corrections. Misalignment can cause you to endure an uncomfortable bite, as well as impede your ability to thoroughly clean your teeth. It… Read more »

iTero Digital Scanners Allow For Digital Dental Impressions

There was a time when taking an impression of a person’s teeth meant having them bite into a mold. The mold could often feel uncomfortable, and messy. With iTero Digital Scanners, your dentist can perform a digital scan of your bite, which yields an accurate impression without the mess. Instead of taking an impression with… Read more »

Fort Worth Orthodontist Uses Cutting Edge Technology

Your Fort Worth orthodontist Dr. Cabal stays abreast of current research and technological advances to provide top-notch orthodontic care. He uses the latest technology to shave off weeks or months from overall treatment times as well as to shorten the length of appointments. Dr. Cabal discusses some of his advanced technologies that he incorporates into his… Read more »