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Addressing Cosmetic Concerns With Tooth-Colored Brackets

One issue that makes some people reluctant to start orthodontic treatment is the sense that this will have a detrimental impact on how they look. This can be particularly common with teens preparing to receive braces, as well as adults, who fear they will look less mature, or less professional. You might not realize it,… Read more »

What To Expect From Tooth-Colored Brackets

Did you know that you can enjoy a more discreet orthodontic adjustment when you use ceramic, tooth-colored brackets with your braces? One reason people, particularly teens and adults, worry about braces is because of the potential effect on how they look. While tooth-colored brackets do not disappear entirely from view, they match up with your… Read more »

Demystifying Adult Orthodontics

The idea of receiving braces as an adult may seem strange to some – orthodontic treatment is usually provided for younger patients. However, this procedure can offer important benefits to those who need it, as it offers both cosmetic and oral health advantages. When you go in for your initial consultation, your orthodontist can address… Read more »

How Do I Qualify For Invisalign?

Patients who are worried about the cosmetic impact of orthodontic treatment can be eager to receive help from Invisalign aligners. Rather than use traditional bracket-and-wire braces, a patient would instead have a sequence of clear aligning trays to help correct their smile. Some patients will need traditional braces, as their adjustment needs can be more… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Brackets Can Change How You See Braces

What do you see when you picture yourself with braces? If you imagine your orthodontic appliance overtaking your smile, you may be interested in how cosmetic orthodontics can change your treatment experience. Upgrades in orthodontics have made a number of changes. For instance, changing from stainless steel to nickel-titanium-alloy wires has allowed for more uninterrupted… Read more »

Quiz: Modern Orthodontic Treatments

Thanks to a variety of upgrades to the field of orthodontic treatment, you may be surprised at the kind of care you or your child will receive. One particularly visible improvement is in cosmetic orthodontics. You can enjoy a correction with less of an effect on how you look while your teeth are being adjusted…. Read more »

Cosmetic Orthodontic Options

There is more than one path to straighter teeth. If you are concerned about the cosmetic impact that comes from orthodontic work, you should know that some of the methods available can be more discreet. Cosmetic orthodontics can take quality care of your teeth, while making less of an impact on how you look during… Read more »

Using Ceramic Brackets For Your Braces

What do you picture when you imagine yourself with braces on your teeth? Are they a prominent feature when you smile? This idea – that orthodontic work will take a major toll on your appearance – is not necessarily true. Cosmetic orthodontics can offer a more attractive way to adjust your teeth, so that treatment… Read more »

Quiz: Discreet Orthodontic Treatments

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to provide you with proper dental alignment. This means straightening your teeth, and ensuring that you do not have an uneven bite. These are important for your oral health, as well as for how you look. If you are looking into orthodontic work for yourself or a family member,… Read more »

3 Things You Might Not Know About Orthodontics

Did you know that straightening your teeth can alter your cavity risk? Are you aware that cosmetic orthodontics can minimize the change in your appearance during dental realignment? There have been advances in how your orthodontist prepares you for corrective work. Some patients will be able to enjoy correction without using braces. If you or… Read more »