Tooth-Colored Brackets Can Change How You See Braces

tooth-colored-brackets-can-change-how-you-see-bracesWhat do you see when you picture yourself with braces? If you imagine your orthodontic appliance overtaking your smile, you may be interested in how cosmetic orthodontics can change your treatment experience. Upgrades in orthodontics have made a number of changes. For instance, changing from stainless steel to nickel-titanium-alloy wires has allowed for more uninterrupted movement of braces over time. The use of ceramic brackets instead of metal has had a positive cosmetic effect. These tooth-colored brackets blend in better with your smile, so they will be less intrusive on your appearance. (more…)

Bringing Your Child For Their First Orthodontic Visit

bringing-your-child-for-their-first-orthodontic-visitThe start of orthodontic treatment can be a big moment for your child…and a worrying one. They may have questions about what the experience will be like, how they look after treatment, and how long the process will take. During your child’s initial orthodontic visit, your orthodontist can help them better understand what they should expect from their experience. Questions about the process, and the duration, can depend on your child’s current condition, which can be assessed using modern orthodontic technology. Because older children, particularly teens, can be concerned with their appearance, you can also use this meeting to discuss cosmetic dental options. (more…)

Could Your Smile Benefit From Invisalign?

could-your-smile-benefit-from-invisalignDo you associate braces with awkward middle school years, and adolescent smiles? It is true that many cases of tooth misalignment can be caught early and corrected with traditional braces. But did you know that adults need not live with malocclusion (“bad bite”)?  The Invisalign program uses clear aligners to adjust tooth misalignment. Your smile could benefit if you meet the guidelines to be a good candidate for Invisalign. If your smile bothers you, yet you don’t desire traditional braces, call for an appointment to see if Invisalign is the right option for you. (more…)

How Crooked Teeth Relate to Chronic Headaches

how-crooked-teeth-relate-to-chronic-headachesThere are several ways in which crooked teeth can affect your life. From the way your smile appears to the way your bite functions, tooth misalignment can have long-lasting consequences for your oral health.  In some cases, crooked teeth might even lead to chronic discomfort by causing or exacerbating other dental health issues. For instance, crooked teeth can relate to chronic headaches when the misalignment disturbs your TMJs, or tooth sensitivity when the imbalance causes you to grind your teeth together. By correcting your crooked teeth, you can reduce your risks of such discomfort as well as improve the appearance and function of your smile. (more…)

How A Misaligned Bite Can Undermine Your Oral Health

how-a-misaligned-bite-can-undermine-your-oral-healthYou may think crooked teeth can only hurt how you look, but there are real oral health concerns tied to bad dental alignment. One problem is with tooth decay – your teeth may be harder to keep clean due to the way they overlap, making it harder to fight cavities. The raised difficulty in cleaning your teeth can also raise your risk for gingivitis. Over time, a misaligned bite can put stress on your jaw, to the point that you can have real problems with your jaw joints. Your orthodontist’s work correcting your smile can have a terrific effect on how you look, while also benefiting your well-being. (more…)

Misaligned Teeth Can Carry Higher Oral Health Risks

misaligned-teeth-can-have-a-higher-oral-health-riskHaving teeth that are poorly aligned can make you self-conscious, and less likely to show off your smile. While this can be frustrating in and of itself, you should also know that crooked teeth also carry oral health concerns. The improper positioning of your teeth can raise your likelihood of developing cavities, and make you more likely to experience gum disease. Depending on the severity of your condition, you could have trouble biting and chewing – these complications can make you more likely to develop TMJ troubles. Orthodontic work can help you achieve a better-looking and healthier smile. If you are anxious about the process’s effect on how you look, you can inquire about cosmetically friendly orthodontic treatments. (more…)

Quiz: Modern Orthodontic Treatments

quiz-modern-orthodontic-treatmentsThanks to a variety of upgrades to the field of orthodontic treatment, you may be surprised at the kind of care you or your child will receive. One particularly visible improvement is in cosmetic orthodontics. You can enjoy a correction with less of an effect on how you look while your teeth are being adjusted. Even if you do not qualify for an Invisalign treatment, you can still control how much your appearance is affected by having tooth-colored brackets placed. These brackets use ceramic, and while they have less impact on how you look, they can offer comparable results to metal brackets. Digital imaging has also changed how your orthodontist can go about planning something like TMJ therapy. (more…)

Can I Address Headaches With Orthodontics?

headachemansteamDid you know that beyond your feelings of dissatisfaction with the way your smile looks, your malocclusion (improper alignment of top and bottom teeth) can actually affect your comfort? The good news is that seeking orthodontic treatment can help alleviate headaches. The bad news is that you might not have ever heard of this important factor, which might offer you the motivation you’ve been hoping to muster up when it comes to seeking care. Learn more about this connection and contact us when you are ready for a straight smile.


A More Comfortable Way To Examine Your Teeth

a-more-comfortable-way-to-examine-your-teethUsing plaster to create an impression of a patient’s teeth could be messy, and the act of biting down into the mold could be an unpleasant experience. Thanks to upgrades in orthodontic technology, your orthodontist can create impressively accurate images of your teeth and jaw. Rather than count on gooey material to make a 3D mold, an iTero digital scanner can reproduce the necessary images. These images can then be used to create custom-made oral splints, which can help treat jaw problems. They can also be used to produce your Invisalign aligners. There have been upgrades that affect more than just how your orthodontist examines your teeth – changes in materials can make your treatment a more pleasant experience. (more…)

Starting Your Teen’s Orthodontic Adjustment

starting-your-teens-orthodontic-adjustmentMany people will start their orthodontic treatment in – or near – their teen years. There are exceptions. Some people will not receive the adjustment they need until they are adults. In some cases, younger children may go through what is known as phase I orthodontic treatment. This type of treatment serves to preemptively address issues that could make correcting their teeth more difficult when they are older. While it may be common for someone to undergo orthodontic correction as a teenager, there can still be concerns. They may be curious about what the process will entail, or worried about how it affects their appearance. Your orthodontist is aware of these concerns, and can help ensure a superior orthodontic experience that leaves them with a wonderful, properly adjusted smile. (more…)