Starting Your Teen’s Orthodontic Adjustment

starting-your-teens-orthodontic-adjustmentMany people will start their orthodontic treatment in – or near – their teen years. There are exceptions. Some people will not receive the adjustment they need until they are adults. In some cases, younger children may go through what is known as phase I orthodontic treatment. This type of treatment serves to preemptively address issues that could make correcting their teeth more difficult when they are older. While it may be common for someone to undergo orthodontic correction as a teenager, there can still be concerns. They may be curious about what the process will entail, or worried about how it affects their appearance. Your orthodontist is aware of these concerns, and can help ensure a superior orthodontic experience that leaves them with a wonderful, properly adjusted smile. (more…)

Improvements To Orthodontic Technology Can Benefit You

improvements-to-orthodontic-technology-can-benefit-youThe classic image of intrusive, stainless steel braces may be fresh in some people’s minds, but you should know that there have been real improvements to orthodontic technology. By using modern materials and tools, your orthodontist can offer a treatment experience that exceeds your expectations. Some changes might escape your notice. For instance, instead of steel, nickel-titanium-alloy arch wires can cut down on the number of trips you make to your orthodontist. Other changes are more apparent, like the use of imaging technology to provide better surveys of your teeth and jaw structures. Tools like iTero can eliminate the need to rely on messy molds to take an impression of your teeth and gums. (more…)

The Relationship Between Orthodontics And TMJ Issues

relationship-between-orthodontics-and-tmj-issuesWhy would your orthodontist care if something is wrong with your jaw? You might not realize it, but the alignment of your teeth can play a part in your jaw’s health. People with crooked teeth can suffer from malocclusion, a misaligned bite. To correct for this problem, you may operate your jaw uncomfortably when you speak, or when you are eating. Those uncomfortable motions, with enough time, can create consequences in the form of painful TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues. By correcting crooked teeth, you can relieve yourself of jaw strain. If you have existing TMJ problems, your orthodontist can study your oral structures, and offer help. (more…)

What Makes Invisalign Unlike Traditional Braces

what-makes-invisalign-unlike-traditional-bracesCosmetic orthodontic solutions offer adults and teens a way to have their teeth adjusted with less impact on their looks. Your orthodontist can offer a less conspicuous treatment that still leaves your smile in the correct alignment. For patients who need less significant adjustments, Invisalign can be an ideal pathway to straighter teeth. These clear aligners can gradually shift your teeth into a better position. They are inconspicuous, but they also offer the convenience of being removable – you can take them out whenever you need to eat, or when you clean your teeth. (more…)

What You Gain From Straightening Your Teeth As An Adult

what-you-gain-from-straightening-your-teeth-as-an-adultWhile orthodontic work may be more associated with adolescents and teenagers, adults can benefit from treatment as well. The improvement to your appearance can be obvious, but you can also gain oral health benefits. People with straightened teeth are less likely to develop jaw problems, and it can be easier to prevent cavities. Some people may never have had the chance to correct problems when they were younger. Others may have noticed that their teeth have shifted later in life. If you feel you could benefit from having your teeth straightened, seek an evaluation from your orthodontist to learn how a correction could benefit you. (more…)

Quiz: Orthodontics And Your Oral Health

quiz-orthodontics-and-your-oral-healthYou probably need little in the way of an explanation on how orthodontics will affect your appearance. By straightening your teeth, you can enjoy a drastically new look. This may be enough to motivate many people to have their teeth adjusted, but more than your appearance can be improved. When you straighten your teeth, you can enjoy real benefits to your oral health. This includes a reduced cavity risk, and a reduced chance that you will develop issues with your jaw joints. Traditional braces can offer an ideal adjustment, but there are also effective cosmetic orthodontic options. (more…)

Cosmetic Orthodontic Options

cosmetic-orthodontic-optionsThere is more than one path to straighter teeth. If you are concerned about the cosmetic impact that comes from orthodontic work, you should know that some of the methods available can be more discreet. Cosmetic orthodontics can take quality care of your teeth, while making less of an impact on how you look during your adjustment. It is important to remember that orthodontic care is not merely a matter of addressing how you look. Your teeth after correction will have a lower cavity risk, and you will be less likely to develop TMJ problems when your teeth have been straightened. (more…)

Can Straightening Your Teeth Help Your Oral Health?

can-straightening-your-teeth-help-your-oral-healthBecause orthodontic work can have such a drastic effect on your appearance, it can be easy to think of it as being primarily about how you look. The reality is that there are real oral health benefits to correcting crooked teeth, too. Because misalignments can make it harder to clean the entire surface of certain teeth, you may have a tougher time preventing cavities. There are also connections between crooked teeth and problems like bruxism, and TMJ issues. An adjustment can do great things for your smile, as well as your oral health. (more…)

Using Ceramic Brackets For Your Braces

using ceramic brackets for your bracesWhat do you picture when you imagine yourself with braces on your teeth? Are they a prominent feature when you smile? This idea – that orthodontic work will take a major toll on your appearance – is not necessarily true. Cosmetic orthodontics can offer a more attractive way to adjust your teeth, so that treatment has less impact on your looks. One way to reduce the visibility of braces is by using tooth-colored brackets, which are made with ceramic. These can work as well as metal brackets, while leaving your smile less disrupted. Many patients also report that the tooth-colored brackets create less irritation! (more…)

When Is The Right Time To Start Orthodontic Work?

when is the right time to start orthodontic workYou may have seen some signs that your child will need to have their teeth corrected, but you may have questions about when the right time is to start treatment. It can be hard to anticipate when to start your child’s orthodontic treatment because they are still growing, and their teeth may still be settling in. You can receive an informed answer on how – and when – to start orthodontic treatment when you go in for an initial orthodontic appointment. Children will have different needs based on what sort of alignment problems they are dealing with. Some will start closer to their teen years, while others could benefit from work that begins at an earlier age. (more…)