What To Expect From Tooth-Colored Brackets

Did you know that you can enjoy a more discreet orthodontic adjustment when you use ceramic, tooth-colored brackets with your braces? One reason people, particularly teens and adults, worry about braces is because of the potential effect on how they look. While tooth-colored brackets do not disappear entirely from view, they match up with your enamel closely enough to be effectively camouflaged, and harder to notice. They can do as well as metal brackets when it comes to providing adjustments. They can also make for a more comfortable experience, as many who receive them report less irritation from the ceramic brackets than from metal brackets. (more…)

Demystifying Adult Orthodontics

The idea of receiving braces as an adult may seem strange to some – orthodontic treatment is usually provided for younger patients. However, this procedure can offer important benefits to those who need it, as it offers both cosmetic and oral health advantages. When you go in for your initial consultation, your orthodontist can address any concerns you have, and break down the benefits of straightening your teeth. With the use of advanced digital imaging, they can create detailed views of your teeth and jaw, and help illustrate what needs to be done. You may feel that orthodontic treatment is unusual for adult patients, but undergoing an alignment can improve your smile, and help you avoid problems like cavities, gum disease, and TMJ pains. (more…)

Quiz: Finding A Solution To TMJ Problems

Have you noticed that your jaw movements can sometimes feel strained, or difficult? Are you dealing with regular pain in your jaw joints, or in your face, neck, or head? These problems all tend to accompany TMJ issues. In addition to pain, and limited jaw movement, TMJ issues can also lead to a destructive teeth grinding habit. Your orthodontist has tools at their disposal to help recognize signs of TMJ problems. They can also develop a custom-made oral appliance that helps you correct problems with your jaw. (more…)

Helping Your Child Adjust To Life With Braces

Your child may experience a measure of anxiety upon learning they will need braces. Some of that concern can be rooted in the cosmetic effect an orthodontic appliance can have. They might also be nervous about any possible discomfort. Your orthodontist wants your child to have the best possible experience as they undergo care. In some cases, they may be able to provide a discreet adjustment with Invisalign. Even if your child does not qualify for this, tooth-colored brackets can limit the effect braces have on their smile. While the sensation of having their teeth realigned may be an odd one, modern tools and materials can help provide the most comfortable possible experience. (more…)

Orthodontic Treatment Can Improve Your Cavity Defense

Many people think about orthodontic treatment, and anticipate life with a straightened smile. If you are considering having your teeth adjusted, you should know that you gain more than just an improved appearance. One way the straightening of crooked teeth can benefit you is by helping improve your cavity defense. When your teeth are properly aligned, it can be easier for you to fully clean your teeth. Correcting overlaps between neighboring teeth can also rob oral bacteria of places to gather. There are many reasons to encourage patients to go in for orthodontic care; an initial appointment with your orthodontist can help give you an idea of what to expect. (more…)

How Do I Qualify For Invisalign?

how do I qualify for invisalign bracesPatients who are worried about the cosmetic impact of orthodontic treatment can be eager to receive help from Invisalign aligners. Rather than use traditional bracket-and-wire braces, a patient would instead have a sequence of clear aligning trays to help correct their smile. Some patients will need traditional braces, as their adjustment needs can be more significant. However, if your current condition requires a more significant adjustment than Invisalign can provide, you can still enjoy the benefits of cosmetic orthodontics. By using tooth-colored brackets, your orthodontist can make your braces less conspicuous. (more…)

Adjusting To Life With Braces

adjusting to life with bracesIf you have never had braces, or if you had braces as a child, and need to correct shifting of teeth that occurred after your adjustment, you may be unsure of what to expect when you receive them. If this is the first time you have been to the orthodontist, you will obviously have less idea of what to expect. That being said, changes in orthodontic technology mean a subsequent adjustment, or an adjustment for your child, can make the experience different than what you recall. Your orthodontist works to provide orthodontic services that offer you the best possible experience, as they help you (or your child) enjoy a straightened, healthy smile. (more…)

Addressing Common Orthodontic Concerns

addressing common orthodontic concernsOrthodontic treatment can feel like a significant change to your daily life. You may worry about how you will look when you smile, and show off a set of braces (this can be particularly worrying for adults, who fear looking too youthful). You could be unsure of how long you will be dealing with the presence of your orthodontic appliance, or how they will feel. When it comes to your individual experience, the best way to learn more is to speak with your orthodontist. Dental alignment issues can vary from person to person, so your orthodontist will have limited information before they take a look at your teeth. After your first visit with your orthodontist, you can come away with a clearer image of what your treatment will be like. (more…)

Quiz: Orthodontics For Teens And Adults

quiz-orthodontics-for-teens-and-adultsIf you are bringing your teen in for orthodontic treatment, or preparing to go in for help yourself, you may be surprised by what has changed in this field. Thanks to improvements in technology, the orthodontic experience can offer new techniques for studying a patient’s condition, and different methods for treatment than you anticipate. One aspect of orthodontia that can make teens and adults uncomfortable is how the procedures can impact their appearance. Improvements to cosmetic orthodontics can allow for a less visible adjustment that still provides the necessary care. (more…)

Tooth-Colored Brackets Can Change How You See Braces

tooth-colored-brackets-can-change-how-you-see-bracesWhat do you see when you picture yourself with braces? If you imagine your orthodontic appliance overtaking your smile, you may be interested in how cosmetic orthodontics can change your treatment experience. Upgrades in orthodontics have made a number of changes. For instance, changing from stainless steel to nickel-titanium-alloy wires has allowed for more uninterrupted movement of braces over time. The use of ceramic brackets instead of metal has had a positive cosmetic effect. These tooth-colored brackets blend in better with your smile, so they will be less intrusive on your appearance. (more…)