Fort Worth Orthodontist: Benefits of Invisalign

shutterstock_209245963More and more adults are seeking adult braces to fix problems that cropped up in adulthood or problems that were never addressed as a child or teen. Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligner trays that treats crooked and protruding teeth as well as bite issues. Your Fort Worth orthodontist Dr. Cabal is a certified provider of Invisalign. In today’s blog he discusses the benefits of choosing Invisalign. (more…)

Fort Worth Orthodontist: FAQ Children and Braces

shutterstock_3386919More and more young children are seeing orthodontists. Straightened teeth are not just beneficial for one’s physical appearance; they may also allow an impacted tooth to come out of the jaw and prevent the need for later surgery. Straightened teeth also enhance speaking and chewing. Your Fort Worth orthodontist Dr. Cabal treats children of all ages. In today’s blog Dr. Cabal answers frequently asked questions about children’s orthodontics. (more…)

Mythbusters Comes to the Fort Worth Museum of Science

shutterstock_85378939As a Fort Worth orthodontist, Dr. Cabal talks to children and teens every day. He enjoys building relationships with them and learning what they are passionate about. In today’s blog, Dr. Cabal shares a new Fort Worth Museum of Science & History exhibit that he knows his patients will enjoy: Mythbusters, The Explosive Exhibition. Mythbusters is an Emmy-nominated Discovery Channel show that breaks down myths about the world around us through exciting science experiments. Read on to learn more about this intriguing exhibit. (more…)

How to Enjoy Halloween with Braces

shutterstock_17743120Halloween is right around the corner, and your Fort Worth orthodontist Dr. Cabal wants all his patients to be able to participate in the traditional festivities of trick or treating this October 31st. Today’s blog discusses some tips on candies that are best for braces and those that are not. Dr. Cabal concludes with some helpful tips on how to keep those braces clean this Halloween. (more…)

Fort Worth Orthodontist Uses Cutting Edge Technology

shutterstock_177115097Your Fort Worth orthodontist Dr. Cabal stays abreast of current research and technological advances to provide top-notch orthodontic care. He uses the latest technology to shave off weeks or months from overall treatment times as well as to shorten the length of appointments. Dr. Cabal discusses some of his advanced technologies that he incorporates into his braces and other services. (more…)

What to Do in an Orthodontic Emergency

tmjYour Fort Worth dentist Dr. Cabal is sensitive to the urgent needs of his patients. If you or your child encounters an orthodontic emergency, he will accommodate you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, read on for Dr. Cabal’s tips for dealing with orthodontic mishaps. (more…)

Free Tour of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art

shutterstock_156445664Your local orthodontist Dr. Ciro Cabal enjoys treating patients in fun, vibrant Fort Worth, TX. He would like to inform patients of a unique event for adults and parents who enjoy art or simply want to learn more about art. The Amon Carter Museum is holding its next free tour on Friday, September 26. Read on to take advantage of another exceptional venue right here in Fort Worth. (more…)

Fort Worth Orthodontist Provides Braces for Teens

young woman smile 1To a teenager, the idea of wearing braces may be incredibly embarrassing and upsetting. Teenagers famously over-focus on their physical appearance, and they may shy away from traditional metal bracket and wire braces. That is why your Fort Worth orthodontist, Dr. Cabal, also offers patients more subtle options: Invisalign and tooth-colored ceramic braces. Dr. Cabal answers some common questions on these two options. (more…)

Straight Teeth Mean a Healthy Smile

Happy Family OutdoorsHave you been thinking about orthodontic treatment or do you have a child in need of orthodontics? The pursuit of achieving a straight smile which exudes confidence and cosmetic appeal can be daunting. While many people focus on the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, few are aware that beautiful, straight smiles are actually healthier smiles too. Lake Worth orthodontist, Dr. Cabal will explain how straighter teeth are easier to maintain.

Easier Oral Hygiene

Overcrowded or crooked teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue, when teeth are too close together, they make oral hygiene a chore. Food particles, plaque, and bacteria have an easier time hiding behind crooked or overcrowded smiles than straight teeth. This can create vulnerability towards tooth decay and even gum disease without proper dental care. Straightened smiles are easier to maintain with brushing and flossing, (more…)

Botox May Help with TMJ Issues

TMJ GirlBotox injections are widely known as a cosmetic procedure that can reduce wrinkles. The neurotoxic protein has also been used to provide relief in a host of health conditions, such as uncontrolled blinking, excessive sweating, chronic migraines, and even depression. In recent years, Botox has made a mark in the dental industry as a potential non-surgical procedure to help patients suffering from TMJ disorder. Ft. Worth orthodontist, Dr. Ciro Cabal, discusses how Botox injections can help relieve some of the symptoms of TMD.

What Is TMD?

The temporomandibular joints hold the lower jaw to the skull. If the joints are not properly seated, immense stress is put on the nerves and muscles that surround your jaw. This is called TMJ disorder (TMD), and it can be extremely uncomfortable, leading to headaches, toothaches, limited range of motion in the jaw, grinding of the teeth, and a host of other unpleasant symptoms. One classic (more…)