Restoring Your Confidence With Invisalign®

Restoring Your Confidence With Invisalign®When your teeth are crooked or misaligned, it can present a number of challenges for your smile. You may feel self-conscious about your appearance, which can shake your confidence. Other smile challenges can include having trouble keeping your teeth clean and plaque-free, which can you at a higher risk for tooth decay and gum disease, or the development of jaw disorders. Maybe you have considered straightening your teeth, but you worry about the appearance of braces during your orthodontic treatment? Invisalign® clear aligners can offer discreet treatment that can restore your confidence while eliminating other challenges presented by crooked teeth.  (more…)

Egg Hunts And Easter Events In Ft. Worth

Egg Hunts And Easter Events In Ft. WorthSpringtime means sunshine, flowers, and Easter egg hunts. There are plenty of events for children and families in and around Fort Worth to celebrate Easter. There are egg hunts outside, in parks, indoor underwater, events with chances to meet real live bunny rabbits, photo opportunities to pose with the Easter Bunny, and more. Lake Country Orthodontics wishes you a Happy Easter, a Happy Spring, and wants you to know that we are here for your family’s smile needs(more…)

Are There Different Types Of Malocclusion?

Are There Different Types Of Malocclusion?The short answer is yes, there are different types of malocclusion. Each of the different types of malocclusion may require different types of treatment. The word, “malocclusion,” has two parts: occlusion refers to the position of the teeth when the jaw is closed, and ‘mal’ is a prefix meaning ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’ People with normal occlusion have a bite with molars that match with each set of teeth fit the grooves of the molars of the other set. Malocclusion is bad positioning of the biting surfaces of the upper and lower teeth when the jaw is closed. A bad bite can lead to crooked, crowded, or protruding teeth, gum problems, temporomandibular joint disorder (commonly known as TMJ), and chronic headaches.  (more…)

Updated Braces With Tooth-Colored Brackets

Updated Braces With Tooth-Colored BracketsWhen you picture braces in your mind’s eye, do you imagine may clunky metal wires with attention-getting brackets? Modern braces make have been updated to give bit more of a seamless appearance to your smile. Tooth-colored brackets blend can better blend in with your teeth’s appearance, which allows for orthodontic treatment that could help make you feel less self-conscious. When your orthodontic needs are too severe for Invisalign treatment, tooth-colored brackets can be the next best cosmetic treatment. If you have been apprehensive about straightening your teeth because of concerns over the treatment’s appearance, you can consider tooth-colored brackets.  (more…)

St. Patrick’s Day In And Around Ft. Worth

St. Patrick's Day In And Around Ft. WorthWhether or not your heritage is Irish, you may still be on the hunt for something to do this weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. When it comes to celebrating the day of green, it isn’t necessary to drink green beer or eat corned beef to have fun. There are plenty of events going on in the DFW metroplex that can be enjoyed by the entire family while wearing green. Lake Country Orthodontics is proud to serve the smiles of Fort Worth and surrounding cities.  (more…)

Things To Know About Having A Crooked Smile

Things To Know About Having A Crooked SmileIf you see a crooked smile when you look in the mirror, it may be affecting your confidence. However, even if your confidence is not shaken by the appearance of your smile, crooked teeth can negatively impact your oral health. The longer you wait to address it, the more of an impact it can have on your overall oral health. A crooked smile can increase your odds of developing gum disease, tooth decay, tooth damage, jaw disorders, bruxism, and more. There are a few things that you should know about having a crooked smile, including the fact that you may be able to correct it without having to rely on traditional orthodontic braces.   (more…)

What Does A Popping Jaw Mean?

What Does A Popping Jaw Mean?Have you wondered what it means if your jaw pops, clicks, or moves slightly to the side when you open and close your mouth? While a popping jaw may be common, it is not normal for a jaw to do so. In some severe situations, it can cause discomfort and pain. A frequent popping or difficult movement typically stems from dysfunction within the joints of your jaw. These joints along with the muscles that surround them make movement of your jaw possible. How does a popping jaw affect your oral health and is there a way to relieve it? (more…)

When Can Early Intervention Help?

When Can Early Intervention Help?First of all, you may be wondering what does early intervention mean when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Early intervention refers to treatment of a young smile that intervenes before the issue takes full shape and causes problems. Intervening early gives an advantage by the fact that a child’s jaw is still growing. The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that children receive an orthodontic screening by age 7 because this is the age that permanent teeth typically begin to come in. Once permanent teeth emerge, potential orthodontic problems can become apparent.  (more…)

Orthodontics And My Overall Health

Orthodontics And My Overall HealthThe health of your smile can impact your overall health. Straightening your teeth with orthodontic treatment can help to keep your smile healthy, which can keep help to keep your whole body healthy. Misaligned, crooked teeth can create problems for your oral health that can avalanche into problems for the rest of your body. Gum disease, tooth decay, and TMJ disorder can all affect more than just your smile. Symptoms such as bleeding gums, bad breath, and dry mouth can all be warning signs of problems that go beyond your teeth and gums.  (more…)